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Our History

Cardinal was started back in 1975 as a general home contracting business. We did all home improvements. Within our first six months of operation, we were called by a gentleman asking if we would be interested in subcontracting work for something called “re-facing”. We met with him and decided that this was the way for Cardinal to go. We started with them and stayed until 1978. In the back of our minds we knew that we could produce a product that would be more substantial than what they had to offer.

In 1978 we went out on our own, much to the disappointment of the company that gave us our future.

Our first year was slow going, trying to build our business, but after that first year, thank God, we have been busy ever since, taking care of our customer’s needs and expanding into complete custom kitchen remodeling and custom cabinets throughout the home.

Our large referral business is what keeps Cardinal busy. We are a company now of 6 people, large enough to take care of our customers and small enough for the personal attention that everyone desires. We are always willing to give references to our future customers so they can feel at ease, knowing that Cardinal is the right company for them.